Bradfield Designs | About
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About Bradfield Designs

Unique, livable art

Andrew Bradfield creates livable art that invites tactile engagement. Mr. Bradfield’s pieces are impossible to ignore, as each stimulates the mind and encourages the interaction of touch, use, or repose. Utilitarian objects, such as bowls and cutting boards, transform everyday activities into an experience of craftsmanship.


Andrew Bradfield is a largely self-taught sculptor and furniture-maker, whose designs reflect the graceful elegance of his source materials. He often uses native, Texas-born woods: live oak and pecan, which grow in abundance in his neighborhood in Ridgmar. Andrew also works in concrete, a versatile medium whose artistic properties often get ignored. From these humble ingredients, Andrew creates sculptures, implements, and furniture that fully occupy their space.


Andrew Bradfield’s creations display an organic unity that integrate within any home or office. Each piece that Andrew creates has always existed: he simply finds the beauty in his source materials, and shares it with his clients.